About Us:

Headed by a Start-Up, Small Company Experienced Professional Ready to Work with you - hand-in-hand - towards Your Success.

With 40+ years of hands on product development along with the marketing chops that define the product needs, the principals of ROF have experience in the development, marketing and manufacture of a very wide range of products using multiple processes and materials.

Having recently retired, the principals are now ready to assist upstarts in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of their products.

Contact us to discuss your concepts, ideas and dreams for a real world analysis and evaluation.

Cocktail napkin sketches are welcome

What We Offer

We start with the basics, defining the perceived market need and the kind of product that would fill that need.
Formal designs are then produced, using computer design tools that can be sent to factories to produce tooling or the actual product


Ring of Fire™ (ROF) Product Development & Consulting
Once step 1 has been completed, the actual definition of the product is undertaken. This includes many aspects including style, materials, etc.